Curation with Joyce Valenza

This workshop focused on the idea of curating, or collecting, sites, videos and other online resources in one place. She feels that curation is the new search and it makes it easier to collect together various formats.

In the midst of looking at her ideas, I came across a Ning ( which has interesting resources and discussions. A link there announced an Open Mic Library World Smackdown. Last year's slides have good ideas (

As a follow up to the workshop, I decided to try some curation of my own. I think one challenge is to find a topic that is not covered or not covered well. I am using to currate news about educational robotics. Link is on the first page of my PLN.

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    Wayne Burnett is a technology teacher and coach and a doctoral student in educational technology focussing on educational robotics. This blog is an experimental one, to see if it works as a way to document and share PD.


    November 2012